In Sacramento, career politicians continue to defy common values, tax and regulate every aspect of our life, with the goal of driving us into dependency on government. With elitist agendas, millions of hardworking families are paychecks away from homelessness, and our once Golden State is deeply in debt and is one of the states with the highest poverty rates in the nation.

Orange County, as the beacon of hope and prosperity, represents the pinnacle of the American Dream and desired homeplace for free enterprise, family values, and religious freedom. We need parental choice in public education, tax reductions for the middle class, cutting wasteful spending, tough policy for public safety, diversity through meritocracy. However, we’ve seen our way of life constrained and our voice of common sense has been long ignored for special interests. Even worse, bureaucrats make end-runs around successful ballot measures with contempt. We must protect and preserve social equality, and mobility, safeguarding our success and the path of the American Dream for future generations, without government meddling. 

At this turning point for Orange County, I am running for State Assembly to bring the will of the constituents to Sacramento and return power to the people. It’s the time, we the voters, restore integrity and sanity to our representative system.  

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Benjamin Yu for Assembly 2020

PO Box 60546

Irvine, CA 92602