Happy New Year

Our State Legislature in Sacramento continues to defy our common values.  Every aspect of our lives is subject to regulation in their eyes.  We are taxed at every turn with the ultimate objective of becoming dependent on the state government.  The elitists in Sacramento have forced millions of hardworking families to live paycheck to paycheck.  In fact, many are just one payday away from homelessness, bankruptcy or poverty.  We can do better, and we absolutely must! 

The United States, California and Orange County remain among the most desired places in the world to live!  I believe Ronald Reagan thought of Orange County when he mentioned the "Shining City on a Hill!"  It's the home to great hope and prosperity.  Many seeking the "American Dream" from abroad arrive in Orange County in pursuit of happiness!  It is a beacon of free enterprise, strong family values, and religious freedom. 

But our legislators have lost sight of why California is known as the Golden State.  We must return choice in education to parents, we need to reduce taxes for the middle class, we need to support law enforcement and reassure our Orange County families that this is a safe place to raise their children and grandchildren.  We need to honor our Veterans and build the Orange County Veteran's Cemetery! 

We must exercise common sense in decision making and ignore special interests when it comes to doing what is best for our county and state.  We must assure a fair ballot measure process, one that does not "trick" people into voting for a specified agenda as was the case with the Gas Tas Repeal and Prop. 13.  We must protect and preserve social equality and assure that as our Constitution states, all men are created equal and have the opportunity to achieve happiness and the American Dream.

I'm running for State Assembly because I've been blessed... blessed to live the American Dream... blessed to call Orange County, California my home.  I'm blessed by God by a loving wife and beautiful daughter... and I owe it to them, and to you and your family to represent Orange County in a manner that you deserve.  If elected, you will get everything I have.  I will not rest until as a resident of Orange County, you sleep at night feeling as blessed as I do.  I'm not running to just "hold" office, I'm running to be your representative.  Join me in making Orange County the home we always dreamed of, and know it can be!

Volunteer, Vote, Victory

Benjamin Yu for Assembly 2020

PO Box 60546

Irvine, CA 92602