Meet Benjamin

Benjamin Yu is a Christian, husband, father, service-disabled veteran, and well-known community activist. He immigrated to the United States with his family, grew up in the humble neighborhood in New York City, and served after 9/11 terrorist attack while working for a firm in Wall Street.

“I looked to the Statue of Liberty with tears in my eyes. My first job was shoveling snow and removing the condo complex trash. I’ve worn blue collars, white collars, and a uniform which gave me the opportunity to go college with the GI Bill.” Benjamin’s journey of the American Dream encompassed New England, the heartland of America, Pacific Northwest, and Southern California. His profound love of his adopted land, and diverse life experience coupled with resiliency and hard work, attributed to his success from a barehanded immigrant to a community leader.

Benjamin is committed to his community and has been actively involved in many organizations for veterans, homeless, and immigrants. At present, he is the president of TOC Foundation, a pioneering Asian-American organization that advocates equality and civic engagement. He is also treasurer for the award-winning Baker Ranch community. 

Benjamin and his wife are small business owners. They reside in Lake Forest where he serves on city’s traffic and parking commission. Their daughter Caroline goes to a Christian school as they believe scientific teaching and character building is the essence of life success and affection for the community and country. They will carry the burden until state legislature incrementally lifts the education standard and grants parental choice in certain curriculum and schools.

“Since my days volunteering as DAV chapter legislator, I could’ve never imagined running for public office. However, the sense of urgency caused by the current direction of the community and its effect on our way of life spurred me to action. I am blessed to raise my family in Orange County and humbled by the encouragement and support for taking up the baton. I will always passionately serve the interest of my constituents and selflessly fulfill my duty to my community with honor and integrity.”

With his diverse life experience, Benjamin Yu can bring people from all walks of life together and seek solutions through common ground. His reputation, background, and demonstrated leadership will allow him to best represent the common values of State Assembly 68th district. His common sense approach will guide the balanced growth and protect middle-class with the strong emphasis on education, public safety, and fiscal responsibility. Benjamin will bridge and help build a community of inclusiveness and diversity. He is a person we can trust safeguard our success and the path to the American Dream for generations to come.