Happy New Year

 I’m not a career politician, my only interest is to serve the good people of Orange County. 


Supporting Veterans

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The men and women who served to protect our way of life deserve our utmost respect and support. As a disabled veteran who became an American citizen after my service, I have unique experiences that allow me to empathize with fellow veterans and the variety of issues they are facing. I understand what needs to be done in their successful transition back to civilian life.

Housing - Improve the availability of transition and affordable housing. I will advocate for and assist veterans in need of dwelling modifications for their disabilities.

Employment - Provide more training and certification programs for veterans, and incentives for private-sector hiring of veterans, especially service-disabled veterans.

Property tax exemption - Improve the disability rating tier-based tax exemption and assure California is on par with other veteran-friendly states.

State income exemption for military retirement pay - Veterans earned their retirement after an extended commitment to the defense of our nation. Veterans should not be punished for making California their home.  

Mental health and suicide prevention - Enhance funding and support for community organizations that provide outreach and prevention programs.

SoCal Veteran Cemetery - Build the SoCal Veteran Cemetery immediately. It will bring honor to our communities and veterans who deserve an honorable resting place close to their home and loved ones.


Smarter government

Government exists to serve the people. We must increase accountability for our tax dollars that directly benefit Californians. As a small business owner and community activist, I relied on hundreds of contributions from individuals and small businesses. I will fight to ensure the legislature is serving the interests of the people, not dictated by large corporations, unions, or special interests. 

Our overall tax rate is among the highest in the nation for all tax brackets and the middle-class carries a heavy burden that is unfair. Small business is suffocated under excessive taxes and burdensome regulations. They deserve tax credits and gradual tax reduction. We need to stop any further gas tax increase and create jobs and encourage business innovation and development.

Protecting Prop 13 – It provides tax savings and stability to homeowners, renters, and the overall economy. I strongly oppose any measure weakening Prop 13, included split roll. “Split roll” is the step one of the divide and conquering of this important tax protection. The increase in business cost will undoubtedly be passed on to everyday people who dine, shop, fuel, and travel. Without directly reaching into our pockets, career politicians can tax and spend much more on their special interests and pet projects.

We need to improve roads, bridges, and infrastructure. We need a vision and forward-thinking mentality while remaining fiscally responsible.  With the right leadership, it is possible to achieve long term goals of increased safety, accessibility and improved quality of life through stronger infrastructure, along with reducing government waste. 


Safer Community

I grew up in a humble neighborhood in New York City, and understand the impact of safety on our daily life and future generations.  We need strong leadership to help stop violent crime and build a safer community for all Californians. AB109 returned criminals to our streets and is responsible for repeated offenders. Prop 47 makes our neighborhoods less safe and Prop 57 removed the stick for criminals who preyed on women, children and vulnerable.

We need to give all the tools and resources necessary to support our law enforcement in protecting our communities and maintaining their own safety.  Our police and law enforcement professionals risk their lives to protect our freedoms – protecting them should be our highest priority.

We have so much work to do. Prop 47 and 57 should be repealed. I will work to give rights back to local governments, allowing them to take the action needed to enforce public safety and address homelessness.

The homelessness crisis has spread throughout California and has become a crisis of public safety and public health. Solving the homelessness crisis will require our focus on compassionately serving at-risk populations, such as veterans, pregnant women, domestic abuse victims, and youth.  And we must address key issues such as mental health, substance abuse, and permanent housing transition.


Better Education

Education is the foundation of success for future generations. It is vitally important we set a high standard of education to give our children the best chance to take advantage of their opportunities.  Quality education will ensure that our future generations can fully embrace their American freedoms.

Parents deserve more choices and children deserve better education. I am dedicated to improving our education system through better curriculum and more parental freedoms, such as school choice. With better leadership and more transparency and accountability, we can create improvements in both the quality of education in our public schools and the affordability of higher education. Sacramento politicians made suspending disruptive students illegal. We need to instill discipline and personal responsibility in developing character of our next generation.

As a political outsider, I bring a fresh perspective and willingness to expose the wasted resources in our education system.  Unlike career politicians, I am only seeking to serve our children and their parents – not the special interests of bureaucrats.

Please join me, a father of an elementary-age student as a voice in the legislature for our children’s future.


Brighter future

It is now more important than ever to embrace the American dream and make our communities a beacon of hope and liberty.  Hope enables our citizens and younger generations to strive for excellence and build upon our achievements, creating a brighter future.  

The hope required for our brighter future is dependent on basic needs being met, including housing affordability, a healthy environment, and safe food. Beyond our physical needs, it is imperative we push for progress in the areas of inclusiveness and diversity. We are a country of immigrants and a melting pot based on meritocracy, fairness, open dialogue, and mutual respect.  We have come so far in our nation’s history in bridging gaps and opening doors to people of all backgrounds, and we can go further in this direction.  We need more leaders in government to find ways to bring people together rather than divide them. 

I believe in common-sense American values and policies that for decades have made our nation the envy of the world. People are tired of what career politicians have done in Sacramento and it is time for a change.  Let’s build consensus through civic engagement and common ground, and respect healthy discourse. Together, we can pass our freedom and build an inclusive and prosperous America for generations to come.

I’m a politically independent candidate, free of special interests. I stand up for my family and my principles and will stand up for the values of the people of Orange County.  

I'm grateful I've had the opportunities to live my American Dream and want to ensure the same for future generations.

I would be proud to represent you in Sacramento and promise to work tirelessly for you.